After the application of any Garco floor refinishing product, it is recommended the area be adequately ventilated to remove any solvents or odors that remain.

Ventilation is the exchange of the home’s ambient air, containing evaporated solvents, with fresh air from the outdoors. Ventilation is required to dissipate the remaining solvent odors because they can be unpleasant for the occupants. Exposure to heavy concentrations of solvent fumes can cause headaches, nausea or respiratory problems.

You should begin ventilating approximately four hours after the finish has been applied. This time can vary depending upon temperature, humidity and film thickness of the finish on the floor. In general, the floor should be dry to the touch so airborne dust particles will not settle and stick in the new finish. The determination of how soon to ventilate should always be left to the floor finishing mechanic, or contractor responsible for the floor. The best method of ventilation is to open doors and windows that are on opposite sides of the newly finished area. Using box or attic fans to help move the air outside is a very useful tool. Because the solvent fumes can migrate throughout the home or building into areas that were not finished with Garco, it is prudent to ventilate the entire structure. Remember that some of the solvents that are used in Garco are heavier than air and will flow downward unless adequately ventilated. The nature of a solvent is to evaporate and diffuse into the ambient air. If fresh air is available the solvent will always escape.

Ventilation is the exchange of the home’s ambient air containing evaporated solvents with fresh air from the outdoors.

The only time that solvents and the accompanying odors remain is when there is inadequate ventilation. A good rule of thumb is that if you can still smell solvents, then you need to ventilate the rooms better.

It is a common misconception that turning up the heat or air-conditioning will remove the solvents from the house. This is not true. If the air inside the house is not exchanged with fresh air from outside, the solvents and their accompanying odors will continue to circulate through the home and its air ducts and furnace filters.

In most cases, following adequate ventilation, the structure can be occupied 48 hours after the last coat of finish has been applied. The finish will continue to cure over the next 2- 4 weeks, depending on temperature, humidity and ventilation. During this time, it is sometimes possible for the occupant to notice a slight odor. If an odor is noticed, then providing adequate ventilation will remove the trace odor.

Individuals who are especially sensitive to solvents should allow more time to elapse before returning to the home. During this time, it is important to continue to ventilate the entire area as mentioned above.